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Natural Slate Blackrock

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Benefits of Natural Slate Blackrock

When installing a roof, the sheer variety of materials to choose from can be overwhelming. Knowing which type of tiles is best for you to invest in for a beautiful and durable roof is essential. Slate roof tiles are one of the highest quality, most durable roof tiles, but durability is just one of the many benefits a slate roof can bring to your project. Here are some of the reasons why slate is a good choice for roof tiles: Natural Slate Blackrock

Natural Slate Ballymore

With proper maintenance, slate roofs can last for decades, even centuries. Slate roofs are naturally strong and absorb little water and are less prone to leaks and frost damage than other less durable materials.

At Bt Sons Roofing we only supply slates that meet A1, T1 and S1 BSEN standards for water absorption, carbon content and thermal cycling. For example, our Estillo 29 slate tested only 0.29% water absorption. This means that when you buy from Bt Sons Roofing, you can rest assured that your roof will withstand all weather conditions.

Occasionally, prolonged extreme weather and general age can make a building look tired and neglected. But once slate tiles have been carefully removed and cleaned, they can often be relined to give a home decades of added protection from the elements.

Aesthetically Pleasing

At Bt Sons Roofing, we believe you can’t choose between beauty and durability. In addition to the resistant slate tiles, a beautiful classic and rustic appearance, unaltered by the weather of the elements.

When using slate, you have many options to customize your cave roof and color. Not all leather stones are grey, they come in a range of colors from the soft green of our Elterdale to the deep purples of Welsh Heather Blue. There are many choices for a slate roof. Whether you want to blend in with the color of your area or stand out with a more transparent hue, slate tiles are the ideal material to complete and give your project a stylish finish.

With a long-established heritage as a roofing material, slate tiles remain the benchmark for more traditional structures such as older homes and historic restorations. Yet much of the beauty of working with slate lies in its versatility, as slate tiles can produce stunning results in more modern and innovative projects. The limit is really your imagination.

But the color of the slate is not the only factor to consider when choosing your slate. For centuries slates have been cut into various shapes for more decorative and prestigious markets.

Natural Slate Blackrock
Natural Slate Blackrock

Environmentally Friendly

Roofing waste represents a significant portion of the total waste that is sent to landfill each year. Asphalt shingle roofing, for example, needs to be replaced every few decades. By choosing slate, there is considerably less waste due to the longer lifespan. Choosing slate is a sustainable solution to a growing number of environmental problems, so you can rest assured that while your roof will meet your needs, it won’t come at the expense of the environment.

At Bt Sons Roofing, providing quality natural slate roofing and excellent customer service to every customer is our priority. If you require high quality tiles for your roof and would like to find out how we can assist you, please contact us on 0872971618 to speak to our highly qualified team and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.